Halloween Doesn’t Have to be an Unhealthy Time of Year – Check These Tips Out


When October rolls around every year, it brings a new season with it: the season of costumes, masks, spooky creatures, and (of course) sugary, delicious candy. Along with the wonderful holiday of Halloween, this month carries bad news for everyone who’s attempting to diet or remain on a healthy eating plan. As the first food-focused holiday of the fall and winter, the precursor to Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween typically means over-indulging in bags of snack-sized candy bars and delicious treats like caramel apples and cookies. However, you don’t have to ruin your healthy habits each Halloween when all of this candy takes center stage. Instead, try sticking to these easy tips to avoid all of that unhealthy behavior.

Skip Mindless Snacking

When you’re out trick-or-treating with your friends, your children, or even by yourself, keep your hands out of your candy bag. Walking from house to house gathering so many sweets can lead you to eat along the way – after all, the candy is heavy to carry and right there in front of you. However, snacking on candy bar after candy bar is the perfect way to gain quick unwanted weight. Instead, fight off the urge to snack on that candy by eating before you head out to any Halloween festivities. Eat a heathy and filling dinner, and you won’t be tempted to turn to unhealthy snacks.

Keep Track of Your Calories

If you think munching on a piece or two of candy won’t do you any harm, you’re right – unless, of course, those one or two pieces turn into 15 or 20 pieces. One way to prevent yourself from snagging a piece every time a snack attack hits is to write down every calorie you ingest throughout the days, weeks, and months. On average, people collect about 11,000 calories worth of candy on Halloween. Before those thousands of calories make it to your waistline, write down every piece you eat, along with its calorie count. That way, you can see how much you’re snacking, and if your treats are causing your calorie intake to spike dramatically upwards.

Watch What You Drink

In addition to being the season of sweet candy and sugary snacks, Halloween is also a time for pumpkin drinks: ales, beers, and even lattes are all pumpkin flavored during this holiday. However, every one of those fall-flavored beverages contains extra calories and extra sugar, making them a poor choice for healthy eaters. You don’t have to avoid them altogether if you’re trying to stay healthy and food-conscious, though. Instead, just limit your intake by pouring yourself a smaller glass than you normally would. Drinking out of a skinnier glass can cut your drink size by as much as 12 percent, according to researchers who found that people pour this much more when using traditional glasses. It’s a simple mind trick that can help your portion control.

Why It’s Bad Wearing Too Much Makeup

make up

Chances are, your morning always starts with makeup. You most likely spend significant time before your mirror, carefully applying your favorite products to make yourself even more beautiful with the right enhancements and colors. Makeup is a wonderful aid for women, an easy way to change your look every day, and to add to your natural beauty. All of this is especially true during halloween. This is a time where our make up application get a LOT heavier and a time where damage can be done to our skin. Makeup can have a darker side when overused. Apply too much makeup on a regular basis, and you could be harming your skin.

You’re Harming Your Skin

On average, women apply up to 10 different makeup products on their skin every day – and those 10 or more items are full of different ingredients, all of which can have varying effects on your skin. In addition to those ingredients, dangerous germs and harmful toxins can be present. Makeup products contain a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients, all of which can cause problems like irritation, redness, allergies, and even skin cancer when used in excess. When applied, the chemicals and ingredients are absorbed by the skin and can then enter the bloodstream. Over time, and with overuse, those makeup chemicals and toxins can cause damage in internal organs and the body as a whole.

Additionally, doctors cite the excessive application of makeup as one of the main culprits of acne and other skin blemishes. More than 30 percent of females who wear too much makeup suffer from clogged pores and acne because makeup becomes absorbed into pores.

You Might Develop Health Problems

In addition to the harmful effects excessive makeup can have on your organs and your skin, you can also develop dangerous health problems beyond these. Lipsticks and eye shadows can contain lead, which is both a cancer-causing carcinogen and a neurotoxin that can damage the nervous system, cause high blood pressure, and decrease fertility. Other makeup items can contain parabens, or chemical preservatives that can cause cancer cells to grow and expand.

Finally, dirty applicators and brushes can cause even greater and more immediate health concerns. If you haven’t cleaned your eye makeup brushes in quite awhile, you’re making yourself vulnerable to infections and bacteria in and around the eye area. Applying too much makeup on dirty brushes or even using expired products can leave behind unpleasant bacteria and endless problems.

Halloween Costume Do’s And Don’ts

Conservative costume

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. Options such as different themes, fit (lose or tight), warmth, etc. Seeing as there are so many options, we can all choose a costume in which we will feel comfortable in, be warm in, and look amazing. So here are some of our do’s and don’ts when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Dress According To Your Plans For The Night

First tip is to dress appropriately for the event you are going to or activity. If you are going trick or treating or going to a family event, make sure your costume is more conservative when it comes to showing skin. However, if you are going to a house party or a night club, showing a bit of skin is acceptable. Remember to dress according to the people you will be spending time with on Halloween.

Wear A Costume Which Makes You Look Good

Not all costumes suit all people, and some look way better on some than others. When choosing a costume, it may be a good idea to choose one which compliments your weight, height, and other features. So if you had a few extra pounds to play with, choose a costume that plays a larger character. Or if you’re tall, try out a costume like the Hulk or Andre The Giant. If you’re short, perhaps try the Penguin from Batman or Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Dress For The Weather

Another really important one. Before you choose a costume, try and work out exactly what you will be doing on Halloween. Halloween is during a pretty cold time of the year and sometimes temperatures can reach below freezing. For this reason, it is important that you will be warm enough for your activity. If you freeze your boots off, you will not have a good night! So if you’re heading downtown and plan on being outside for some time, perhaps try wearing a full costume which is warm and perhaps even a mask. This should keep you nice and warm. However, if you’re headed to a house party and will be taking a taxi, it is much easier to show a bit of skin and wear something with far less clothes. Also, perhaps house parties are not as good to wear those thick bear suits because you may be too warm.

Top Kids Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween always seems to creep up on us really quickly. Before we know it, it is October 15 with only a few days to Halloween and we have no idea about what we or our kids will have for costumes. Well we have some costume ideas for your kids which can be purchased last minute or made far in advance. Enjoy…


Some of our favorite superhero costumes for kids are Iron Man, the Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, The Joker, Optimus Prime from Transformers, and Bumblebee also from Transformers. These are some great ideas for boys which will love them! If you have a daughter, don’t worry, there are also plenty of superhero costumes for girls. Captain American for girls, Poison Ivy, cat woman, Black Widow and there are some very cute superman and Robin (from Batman and Robin) costumes for girls. Most of these are widely available and look great.


If they don’t freak you out at the sight of clowns, then they make great costumes. There are all sorts of clown costumes for all ages and genders. They also range from the very friendly looking clowns to the very scariest of clowns. Or somewhere in between. So many different options just for clown costumes! A lot of fun can be had with clown costumes.

Disney Characters

Whether your child wants to be a princess, prince, pirate, a witch, or a mouse, Disney character costumes make awesome Halloween costumes. Amazon has a great selection of sizes and characters. And they are really cute!

Crayola Crayon Kids

This one if great if you have a few kids or if your child will be with friends on Halloween. There are several colours to choose from and they look great when part of a group. This also makes it much easier to choose costumes if you have a few kids. Rather than picking individual costume for each kid and avoid them getting jealous of each other, Crayola costumes are a great option.


If you have a slightly younger child you want to take with you for Halloween, we also have some great ideas for babies’ costumes. Everything from Wizard of Oz costumes, to Gladiator costumes, to firefighter costumes. Just be sure not to get carried away and forget about your babies diapers. Make sure you use very absorbent diapers so that they will be able to wear them for a few hours without leaking onto that super cute costume.

Happy Halloween!

Looking Your Best For Halloween

Looking your best

Halloween is only one night a year so we need to make the most of it. If you have never dressed up for Halloween, you are missing out greatly! It is one of the most fun nights of the year to go out into town as you can be whoever you want to be. If you have dressed up before, you know how fun it is and how much work goes into having the right look. But it is all so worth it! Here are some tips to help you look your best.

Take The Time To Pick The Right Costume

Most of the work is spent here. Make sure you plan ahead and if you haven’t already, try buying your costume online. I like to get my costumes on Amazon and I pay around a third of the price of the Halloween stores. Plus on amazon, there are usually plenty of reviews to go off which includes costume quality, visual appearance, and sizing. Make sure you order your costume with plenty of time for it to arrive. I like to order mine at the beginning of October so I have time to return it if it doesn’t fit. Try to pick a costume that fits your personality so you can get into character better or if you don’t like your own personality (it does happen), try go for something really different. Something that will take you out of your shell. Either way, you will love it! Some of the more dedicated Halloween fans make their own costumes. This is also a great idea and you avoid the risk of running into someone with the same costume.

Lose Weight

First of all, let’s try and lose those extra pounds. That is unless you are dressing up as a ‘larger’ character which will actually make your costume look more genuine. Halloween is at the end of summer so we should still have our ‘summer bodies’ but we’re starting to stack on the pounds. Keep the weight off, it is better for our bodies and for our Halloween costumes.

Get Rid Of Those Stretch Marks

Let’s face it, Halloween is a time where we often show a lot of skin. And I’m talking both guys and girls. If we are showing off some of our body parts, let’s get rid of those stretch marks. It will give us plenty more confidence and something nicer for others to look at! Look online for remedies.

There you have it. You should not be all set to look great for next Halloween and have a blast!

Healthy Halloween Treat Options


We all know that Halloween is a really unhealthy time of the year, but it does not have to be. If people start giving out healthy snacks and more and more people also do it, Halloween can actually be a time of healthy snacks rather than candy!

But what are these healthy snacks and do they actually taste any good? Well we think that they are. Here is our top picks:

Homemade Cookies

Homemade cookies generally taste far better than store bought cookies. With plenty of free recipes online, you can’t really go wrong. Plus most of them are really easy to make which is good news. You can natural and not include all those ingredients that are really bad for you in store bought cookies. Make the portion size small such as a bite size so there is less mess for the kids.

Homemade Bars

Homemade granola or even protein bars can also be a good option. If you do make protein bars, then only add a very small amount of protein into the mix. You can also find many free great recipes online which are really easy to make and taste great. Depending on what you put in these bars, they can actually be really good for you!

Homemade Banana Bread

Everyone loves banana bread, especially homemade banana bread. And it’s really easy to make as you can see here. You could make a large loaf and cut it up into small pieces which makes it last longer and the kids will love it! Make sure you choose a healthy recipe and one without much sugar or other unnecessary ingredients.

We are hoping that the kids will love the snacks you make and come back next year and tell their friends about these delicious (and healthy) Halloween treats.

5 Tips To Scare Away Unhealthy Candy


Halloween is basically the starting of the Christmas holiday mindset of I can eat what I want and I’ll lose that extra weight in the New Year. But if you’re not careful, you won’t be fitting into your Halloween costume next year with those extra pounds you put on from eating too much candy. So how exactly do we not eat copious amounts of candy that gets thrown in front of our faces? Here are a few suggestions that may make this time of year a little easier for you.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Make sure you put these candies in a cupboard you rarely use or in another storage place you never look in. This will allow you to completely forget about the candies until Halloween where hopefully you will give out most of the candies to trick or treaters. Eating lots of candy is a great way to put on weight then you’ll have the monstrous task to lose weight afterwards. If you do have any left overs, try doing the same thing and storing the candy. You will find uses for the candy such as for guests.

Bring The Leftovers To Work For Others To Have

This is a great way to get rid of the left over candy from Halloween and your co-workers will love you. Just make sure that you stay away from the candy jar while you’re at work. Usually by the end of the day the rest of the candy will be finished.

Buy Candy You Don’t Love

When shopping for candy, make sure you have a big meal so you are not hungry at all. Then try buying all the candy that you don’t like. This way you will not be tempted to eat any of the left overs as you won’t enjoy them anyway. For me, Turkish Delight fit this category.

Eat Only A Few Of Your Favorites

If you must buy your favorite candies, try to limit yourself to one candy a day. This way you will get to enjoy your favorite candy but not put on a bunch of weight. But don’t get carried away, if there is a candy that you love but cannot stop at one piece, do not eat it! For me, that would be Ferrero Rochers. If I eat one, I will eat at least a dozen of them and that’s why I stay away from them.